Design & Manufacture

Reid & Associates has over 25 years experience in the Design and Manufacture of high specification, specialised electronic equipment.

If you have a Concept, talk to us and we will turn it into a Product.

Our capabilities are best illustrated by the design stages for our new CM100-2 (as much as we would like to show a contract design, all information on designs for third parties is kept confidential).

1) Design Brief: This can be short notes (as above) or a detailed specification.

2) Our proposal: We will provide you with a proposal to ensure we have clearly understood your requirements.

3) Quotation: fixed price or per hour billing.

4) Mechanical: choose an existing enclosure OR custom design.

For the CM100-2 a custom design was required and this was done using 3D modelling software.

Show the client the proposed mechanical design (bold colours are only to show details) and make changes as required.

5) Circuit diagrams and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design:

6) Write the software:

7) Use 3D models for our client to evaluate different colour schemes:

8) Our client approves the design, a colour scheme and the product is manufactured: